Norm Frese
ICOPs President

Last updated:
November 2013

. . . ICOPs 24-hour toll-free number: 1.800.832.7501 . . .

Police Officers deserve a union that steps
up to the plate and is there when needed.

That’s the kind of union ICOPs is.

ICOPs is run by Police Officers with
experience, know-how and commitment.

ICOPs responds quickly and represents
members effectively.

The ICOPs Legal Plan provides superb
protection for job-related discipline problems.

ICOPs contracts include substantial pay and benefit improvements as well as comprehensive provisions on
job security, seniority, grievances, and health and safety.

Today and every day, law enforcement officers
deserve the best representation. With ICOPs, we get it!
Richard Bruno
ICOPs Staff Reprentative
When you want a police union to stand up for you,
call ICOPS.