ICOPs Legal Plan Application

When You Need a Lawyer to Stand Up For You

The ICOPs Legal Plan is the best protection available to police and other law enforcement officers in Illinois. It covers all job-related discipline. You will get assistance, from an initial “To – From” request through a full disciplinary hearing, which is included as part of your ICOP’s legal defense plan. ICOP’s attorneys will also be there for you when you need them the most, like an officer involved shooting or accident,or when you need experienced representation for any job related action or incident. Your ICOP’s legal plan will protect you.

The ICOPs Legal Plan is open to full-time and part-time Illinois Police Officers, Deputies, Troopers, Correctional Officers, support personnel and anyone in law enforcement who is out there serving and protecting the community.

The ICOPs Legal Plan costs only $15 per month. It is free to ICOPs members who are under an ICOPs contract.

Download and print

  • Membership costs $15 per month.
  • Members are billed in 6 month intervals.

Call 1-800-832-7501 for more details.

Icops Legal Plan Application